Jan 28, 2012


This is absolutely the food that I miss a lot from my mom. It's called Hamcoikon. Made of pork belly and pickled mustard green (sayur asin in bahasa). But for this recipe, you gotta use the sweet pickled green (it sounds weird, but this is what my mom told me, I don't know what it's really called, does somebody know?). It tastes sweet, not salty like the one that you use to make Bakut Sayur Asin (see pic below).

The pickled green that you use for Bakut Sayur Asin is the salty one. We need the sweet one

So this pic below is the result of the Hamcoikon itself. I made it 2 times here, first for trial and it turned out delicious, so I made it again for CNY. Why? Because this is the usual menu from my mom when we celebrate CNY. More or less this was to cure my homesickness for not being able to be home in CNY :') 

Vie's Result :

Ingredients : 
pork belly 
sweet pickled green (as desired)
chinese red wine (angciu/hong jiu - 红酒)
pinch of salt

Method :
Saute the garlic and shallots together with oil. When they start to smell good, cook the pork belly inside until their colors change. Next step, put in the sweet pickled green and mix them together. Pour in the chinese red wine/angciu (this is where the magic begins) then the water and wait for it to boil. Add in the salt as desired. Taste it and see how sweet and salty you want it to be. The more you cook it, the more tender the pork bellies will be!

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Ira Rodrigues said...

i love this kind of soup, really refreshing. your picture are so mouth watering :)