Hi, my name is Alviana Kalin. I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. 'Vie' is actually my nickname, since my name is pretty long, so people will actually just call me by 'vie' or 'alvie'. I'm 21 years old. I love food, design, music, and fashion. I am currently living in Shanghai, just graduated as a Bachelor of design studied Graphic Design major.

Just trying to share my experience with food. Since I am staying abroad, which means that I am away from home, without mom that usually will cook for me. I used to help my mom cook or even bake, that is why I know some basic stuffs about them.

Mom and grandma are my biggest inspirations. They are the best women I have ever met. They cook and take care of their family with lots of love, and of course, delicious food :)

I hope you enjoy my amateur food blog :)

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