Jan 27, 2012

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs

Moving on to next recipe that I made yesterday night for dinner. Me and my partner in crime, Bella, (which is my housemate) made mozzarella stuffed meatballs because we have minced pork in the fridge. But hey! we got mozzarella leftovers from the fried tomato chicken that we made the previous night... Mozzarella stuffed meatball, HELL YEAH. (y)

To be honest, I didn't do it with recipe. I just did it depending of my taste and prediction. So I will not give the measurement in the recipe. Sorry!

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs
Meatball :
ground pork
minced garlic, onion, shallots
salt and pepper 
crushed cornflakes
egg (don't put too much first, because egg can really make the meatball texture gooey and hard to deal with!)
mozarella (cut into little cubes, depending on your meatball size) 
Mix all the meatball ingredients (except CORNFLAKES), and see if the texture is hard enough to be rounded. If it's too gooey, that means you put too much egg in it, try adding the breadcrumbs more. Cover your little cubes of mozzarella with the meatball mixture and make it round. The dip them in the egg mixture then to the breadcrumbs and cornflakes in the end. Then fry them! 

Sauce :
beef stock
minced garlic, shallot, onion
Sautee the minced garlic, onion and shallot together until they smell nice. Put in the mushrooms and stir them. Then put the water inside (this depends how much you want the sauce to be), and wait for it to boil. While it's boiling, sprinkle the flour/maizena inside. But this one is pretty tricky, because you can end up with glumps of flour. So you gotta have to really sprinkle it slowly while also stirring.

Vie's Notes : You can put in beef/pork inside my sauce and eat it with rice. It's really good and easy to make! You can also replace my sauce with tomato sauce/cream sauce/mushroom sauce for the meatballs.

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