Feb 9, 2012

Roast Pork Ribs

This was my first time dealing with ribs, and thankfully it turned out great! I would totally make more someday with different marinade ;) you guys should definitely try!
I've made this ribs with BBQ sauce that I bought in Parkson supermarket. I thought it's gonna be like a normal western BBQ sauce. But it turned out to be a 'Chinese' BBQ sauce. LOL But I didn't mean that it doesn't taste good, it's just really out of my expectation you know :p I was shocked

Ingredients :
2 Pork Ribs
marinade sauce (Bbq/honey/sweet soy sauce/etc)

Method :
Cook the ribs in water with salt for approximately 30 minutes. When the water boils, turn down the heat. Take the ribs out of the pan and dry the ribs with kitchen paper. Rub them with the marinade sauce that you prefer, and refrigerate them overnight or at least 2 hours. Then put them in the oven (225 C) and roast them until they are crusty. Always watch them out while roasting to prevent burning!

Vie's Result :

Vie's Notes : Sorry for the bad plating!! Because the thing is, I couldn't take more time to decorate or clean or whatever it is and then take pictures. My food always gets cold easily (because it's winter) and I feel bad for my housemate staring on the food too long waiting for me to take photos first. lol!

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